Schulinterne Mindestanforderungen for die Klassen 7/8

Story Telling

Students use verb forms in the simple past.

They are familiar with and apply narrative expressions to

  • begin a narrative (not so long ago, some time ago, last ...)
  • tell a story (then, later, suddenly, the next morning, ...)
  • finish a narrative (at last, eventually, in the end, finally)

Presenting an argument /personal opinion

Students are familiar with purpose and outline structure of an English paragraph.

They know and make use of connectives to

  • express their opinion
  • express agreement and disagreement
  • finish and start an argument (introductory sentences, closing sentences) and their paragraphs

In addition, they know expressions to

  • make suggestions
  • ask for clarification
  • refer to another writer/speaker

They are familiar with simple conjunctions to

  • add ideas (and, as well as, ...)
  • express contrasts (but, or, although, ...)
  • express consequences (that is why, therefore, ...)

They are able to extend simple sentences by using relative pronouns.


Fachleitung: Herr Hoffmann

  • Frau Bester  (BEST)
  • Frau Borgmann  (BORG)
  • Frau Buchmann  (BUCH)
  • Herr Capponi  (CAPP)
  • Frau Catalano  (CATA)
  • Frau Ellner  (ELLN)
  • Frau Frenk  (FRNK)
  • Frau Gräwen  (GRÄW)
  • Frau Häußinger  (HAUS)
  • Herr Hoffmann  (HOFF)
  • Herr Kostner  (KOST)
  • Frau Meyer  (MEYR)
  • Frau Ortlepp  (ORTL)
  • Frau Preckwinkel  (PREC)
  • Herr Schidlowsky  (SIDL)
  • Frau Steen  (STEE)
  • Frau Strache  (STRA)
  • Frau Witting  (WTNG)
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