Skills and Structures – Was am Ende der 7. Klasse gelernt worden sein sollte:

  • I) Skills: Discussion (Agreeing and disagreeing)
    • Using a German-English dictionary
    • Discussion (Making Suggestions)
    • Reading a fictional text (for gist, for detail, characters)
    • Discussion (Making compromises)
    • Understanding and giving telephone messages
    • Writing a letter
    • Apologizing and accepting apologies
    • Reading a factual text (Skimming and scanning)
    • Writing a newspaper report
    • Giving advice and recommendations
    • Searching the internet
    • Talking about a bar chart
    • Writing the end of a story
  • II) Structures: Simple present and present progressive to express the future
    • Defining relative clauses/contact clauses
    • Substitute forms of the modals
    • Simple past perfect
    • Reflexive pronouns and verbs
    • If-clauses type II and III
    • Abstract nouns and the use of articles
    • Verbs with adjectives
    • Future perfect
    • Passive, personal passive
    • Reported Speech
    • Indirect questions and commands

Fachleitung: Herr Hoffmann

  • Frau Bester  (BEST)
  • Frau Borgmann  (BORG)
  • Frau Buchmann  (BUCH)
  • Herr Capponi  (CAPP)
  • Frau Catalano  (CATA)
  • Frau Ellner  (ELLN)
  • Frau Frenk  (FRNK)
  • Frau Gräwen  (GRÄW)
  • Frau Häußinger  (HAUS)
  • Herr Hoffmann  (HOFF)
  • Herr Kostner  (KOST)
  • Frau Meyer  (MEYR)
  • Frau Ortlepp  (ORTL)
  • Frau Preckwinkel  (PREC)
  • Herr Schidlowsky  (SIDL)
  • Frau Steen  (STEE)
  • Frau Strache  (STRA)
  • Frau Witting  (WTNG)
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